Talent Regulation Guidelines

Use any opportunity to take an Acting Workshop, Audition Technique or other possible On-Camera Acting classes.

In order to work with the WestCoast Talent Management, you must abide by these guidelines at all times:

  • You are responsible for your own headshot (8 x 10 ) (please, only print headshots after agency approval). E-mail it first.

  • The agency will need an updated headshot (size: 8 x 10) each year or any time you change your hairstyle or appearance.

  • The Voice-over demo can be provided as well in the MP3 format (less than 1 minute).

  • Print, fill out and mail the registration form after the agency approval.

  • Make your own resume with the WestCoast Talent Management letterhead and e-mail it to us.

  • Always have your resume and a headshot, when you go to an audition.

  • We require you to sign up to the Casting Workbook shortly after your admission to the agency. Support each skill with a matching photo.

  • Register your profile with a company code on Casting Networks.

  • Open profile on Actors Access and choose your representative in settings.

  • We will do our best to promote you to any potential projects. There are no fees to join WestCoast Talent Management.

  • It is a conflict of interest to hire more than one talent agency.

  • During auditions please keep quiet until it is your turn to perform.

  • Once a booking for work is accepted always keep the entire day open.

  • Don’t change your hairstyle or any part of your appearance, when already booked.

  • Arrive on time and ready for work.

  • Memorize your part and be ready to change directions/actions.

  • Never wander off set, always inform the AD of your whereabouts.

  • Be aware of the equipment on set and what the camera is doing, even if it is not your scene.

  • Be respectful while working on set.

  • Call your agent, if you have any questions.